Monday, 30 January 2017

Week 7 in Kaposvár


Well, the big news this week was the missionary broadcast. The time schedule was changed, so we now have more time on P-days, a more flexible daily schedule, and fewer key indicators to report. I am sure that the missionaries in Toronto have talked a lot about it.

Elder Bednar spoke about how we should try to to share our message with more young people because we are of the same age and are looking for goals in life. I followed Elder Bednar's guidance and I talked on on the street with a high school student about faith and the purpose of life. We exchanged phone numbers and he said that he wanted to meet with us at another time. It was a very special experience because when I followed the advice of an apostle, right away it worked!

On Thursday, it was Australia Day, so during our district meeting we celebrated Australia a bit. (Elder McKim is Australian.) He made a little quiz about Australia and it was good fun.

We had another teaching appointment this week in Szigetvár and on the way back we stopped and climbed a wooden tower. It was a very nice view.

On Sunday Évi gave her homecoming  talk about her mission. Then the congregation threw her a little party. Many less-active members came and we had 36 people at church. (Usually the attendance is around 25 people, counting the missionaries).

A funny story: Just before the sacrament meeting, I reached out my hand in front of a two-year old kid to give him a high-five but instead he took a kiwi out of his pocket and gave it to me. :)

After church we had a program in a little village. They showed us their big horse and it was cool.

That was our week. I wish you all a nice week!

With love,

Elder Gonzalez

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