Thursday, 18 January 2018

Week 20 in Békéscsaba


This week we had many teaching opportunities. We discussed several topics including The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Alma 32: Faith and Testimony, Family Prayer, Mormon Messages, and the Bible and the Book of Mormon. We are focusing a lot on families: investigator families and part-member families, and it's going very well.

We did a little service for one of our investigators cracking walnuts with him.

On Sunday, it was great to be at church. Brother Magda, from the High Council, came and spoke about reading the Book of Mormon. The stake and mission began a "Read the Book of Mormon!" Facebook page to encourage members to read from the Book of Mormon as a goal for this new year. In the second hour I visited the primary. A 7-year-old boy taught about the seven days of creation. At the end of the class we ate biscuits. It's good to go to primary! :)

Friday, 12 January 2018

Week 19 in Békéscsaba


First of all, I heard from you that there was –22°C in Toronto. Today the temperature here in Békéscsaba is 12°C! It has been a very pleasant and mild winter with spring-like weather.

Our week went well and I'll give a little account of what happened.

On Thursday we had our district meeting. We showed to each other our family pictures and set out the district goals. Elder and Sister Hick are a nice missionary couple who are replacing the Howells. Sister Robertson stayed and her companion is now Sister Tischner (also from Utah) who served in Pest and Debrecen before coming here to Békéscsaba.
Not many people came to English class, but it was still nice to teach the regular participants. On Friday, we studied Chapter 5 of Alma in institute and talked about the change of heart. An important principle is that there are those who get to the finish line faster than others, but all that matters is that we all arrive there as soon as we can, which is the same goal for all. This reminds me of the parable of Jesus in the New Testament when he tells us that there are people who begin to work in the first hour and others who start only in the eleventh hour but all have the same reward.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Week 18 in Békéscsaba

Happy New Year!

It is very strange that it is 2018 already. This year I'm going home. I'm not lying, I'm excited about going home, but I also feel quite good here in Hungary.

I has been transferred.... Just kidding! I stay in Békéscsaba with Elder Szuch! I was very happy with this. For the last four months Elder Szuch and I have become very good friends and it is great to continue serving with him. (Nobody knows of two missionaries here in Hungary who have served together for three transfers or six months, so I think this should be written in the Guinness Book of World Records.)

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Week 17 in Békéscsaba


This email will be very short, as I have already talked to you on Skype the day before yesterday.

On Friday we had the Christmas Zone Conference. There were talks, we sang together on a square near a subway station, ate a delicious lunch, and Santa Claus came!

The branch’s Christmas party on Saturday was a great success and many members and investigators came. One activity was carolling in the city. We sang Hungarian Christmas songs and every member was excited to give away to people on the streets a copy of the Book of Mormon along with a Christmas flyer. We got back from this program a phone number of a potential investigator.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Week 16 in Békéscsaba


First of all, I plan to Skype at 9:00 a.m. Toronto time from the Howells's home.This week we "killed" Elder Shepherd, which means that he finished his mission with us. He packed on Tuesday and we held a farewell party in the branch for him. On Wednesday we went to Pest and we met with Elder Knight who went home with Elder Shepherd. Then we went to Érd to visit grandma. She was very happy to see me and it was a very uplifting experience. I showed her the photos I took when I went to Hőgyész and Kalaznó in March doing family history research, especially the photo of the house where she was born. She knows many names that were engraved on the tombstones so she told me many stories about those names. It was great to be there and I felt very good.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Week 15 in Békéscsaba


Monday was a very eventful p-day for us. One of our members, László, took us to Póstelek. It had snowed and the ruined castle was very beautiful. There was a small creek with a small boat and with the help of ropes we could crossed over to a small island. All four of us stepped on the ship and there was no problem. But then the water underneath bubbled up and soon it began to fill the boat. Elder Shepherd quickly jumped back to the island, Elder Szuch pulled the boat back, I sat on the railing to stay above the water, and László just stood and laughed. All of our shoes got wet. It was a funny little adventure.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Week 14 in Békéscsaba


This week, we focused on the Light the World initiative. We met with a lot of investigators, church members, and with less-active members, and talked to them about the Christmas advent calendar and the initiative. We also stopped people on the street to talk about it.

On Saturday we held the branch Mikulás (Saint Nicholas) party. It was a great success. Lots of kids came, so the mood was very fun. The kids played musical chairs, had a scavenger hunt, and played other Christmas games. The peak was a visit by Mikulás. László was Mikulás and he played this role very well. The kids really liked it.