Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Week 28 in Békéscsaba


Winter is over and spring came with temperatures of 15°C and sunshine. The grass starts to get green and there is a fresh smell of spring on the air.

This week was not too busy, that’s why I started this email with the weather haha. We only had one lesson with Tamás, an investigator from our English class, and we talked about the parable of the seed in Alma 32. He said that he wants to be baptized at the beginning of April, so that’s very good news. The rest of our investigators did not have time or were ill, and during transfer weeks we don’t have many programs anyways.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Week 27 in Békéscsaba


I got my last transfer call. As I wished and thought, I will stay here in Békéscsaba to complete my mission as branch president. I stay with Elder Szuch and Elder Rohner. Elder Rusz is going to Kaposvár. That was a surprise as new missionaries usually stay in their first city they serve. But of course all things have a reason, and even unexpected transfers can be good. It's odd that this is my last transfer and I'll be back home in 9 weeks. Home is no longer a fantasy, but an imminent reality. :)

This week, we held some teaching appointments about the commandments, conversion, and the change of heart (Alma 5). Interviews were held in Pest. The zone leaders came for splits, and Elder Biesinger and I tracted together and visited old investigators and less-active members. In the evening we played Bang and since there were six of us it was fun.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Week 26 in Békéscsaba


We had a cold front this week and the temperature was around –3°C. At the same time, there was a warm front at the North Pole and the temperature there was warmer than in Hungary!

Many interesting things happened this week, let me write about them.

Canning: We visited one of our investigators and made apple jam with him. It turned out to be quite good and we took some home! It was quite simple: we peeled the apples, then cooked them in a pan, added sugar and preservatives, and then put them in jars.

Ice skating: I went with Elder Rohner to the Decathlon store and there I tried a couple of skates and went with him for a minute to the try-zone. A couple of days later I and Elder Szuch went ice skating with the family of another investigator. It was a lot of fun, and the skating was good. There was a warm place too where the Winter Olympics were being broadcasted. :) Go Canada! And Hungary won its first gold medal ever in winter olympics. Great achievement!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Week 25 in Békéscsaba


Another chapter in Elder Gonzalez's mission! Now I have not one, not two, but three companions. QUADPANIONSHIP!

No, we did not get another greeny. And I did not make myself a clone. But one of the elders in Szolnok became sick and went home, so his companion, Elder Rohner was sent here by the mission president, so now we are four. It's a little tight and we have to do mini-splits, but it's all good haha. Elder Rohner is from Australia (Melbourne) and has been in the mission for a year. It's funny that now a Canadian, an Australian, a Hungarian, and an American are serving together. A small UN!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Week 24 in Békéscsaba


This week we got a new (greenie) missionary in our companionship. On Monday night, President Szabakdai spoke to us on this phone about it and on Wednesday we went to Budapest to pick up Elder Rusz. He is 25 years old from the Buda ward, He used to work in the "Gringos Amigos" restaurant and I knew him and his sister when I served in Buda. Elder Rusz is a very good and smart missionary. He also draws very well.

We had a lot of programs this week and taught lessons to investigators, a new convert, a less active member, and also to active members, so we had a very busy week. In addition, we helped Bea and her family a lot. They just moved into our branch and their house requires a lot of work. We did a big clean up of the house and among other things emptied old bottles of liquor (pálinka).

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Week 23 in Békéscsaba


This week we found a new investigator and a total of four investigators came to church on Sunday, so it was a week rich in numbers!

We met with a young man from our English classes and shared with him the message of the Restoration. He has already read the first six chapters of the Book of Mormon and he prays. He said that he feels a lot better and sees positive changes in his life after he began to meet with us. A few days later we met with him and with his girlfriend again in a cafe house. We drank hot chocolate and he asked why we did not drink coffee, so we taught them about the Word of Wisdom.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Week 22 in Békéscsaba


I’m down to the last 101 days in my mission, so tomorrow I’ll reach the last 100 days!

This week we had some good programs. We found a new investigator in English class and talked to him about the purpose of life, the Fall, and the atonement. We also taught a part-member family about the Family: A Proclamation to the World.

President Szabadkai came to Békéscsaba on the weekend and helped us teaching. He also conducted a Temple recommend interview with me and gave a talk in church on Sunday which was a very busy day. We took the sacrament to a member who was sick and visited inactive members, as well as a member who is in rehabilitation.

We went with an investigator and his family to watch a volleyball match. The Békéscsaba womens’ team is very good and have won many championships in Europe. They are the best team in Hungary. They played against an even stronger Italian team and lost. But despite the loss it was a good match. Yeah, and last week we watched a women's handball match too. The local womens’ team played against Dunaújváros, a much stronger team. Dunaújváros led in the first half but Békéscsaba attacked and defended well and managed to win. It was a very good and exciting game.