Saturday, 18 November 2017

Week 11 in Békescsaba


It's unbelievable how time flies. I have less than six months in the mission field, and in seven more weeks Christmas will be here!

This week was not too busy and there were not too many interesting things happening, but there were some good lessons that I would like to write about.

We met János and we held a lesson about tithing and fasting. He understood everything and he has finished reading 2 Nephi. He came with us to institute and also to church on Sunday. Elder Szuch went to Pest, and Elder Shepherd and I visited the Belkó family where we had a very good conversation with Tibor and Edina. We read part of Elder Uchtdorf's talk "A Yearning from Home". When we talked about spiritual experiences during the conversation, Tibor said that he prayed for Edina a few days ago because she was not feeling well. Edina said that soon after she felt a lot better. Both of them were amazed that this happened to them and their eyes were a little tearful. The spirit was felt very strongly then. I feel that tiny but continuous changes are beginning to happen with Tibor. We also met Ági, a recent convert, and talked about missionary work. Elder Howell and I visited many of the less-active members.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Week 10 in Békéscsaba


On Tuesday night we held the Halloween party for the branch and it was fun. We played a game called "I came from America", music chairs, had a few games for kids, and there were cookies and sweets. Elders Szuch, Neumiller, and I dressed up in cowboy costumes.

Wednesday was transfer day and it was good to go to Pest and meet with my missionary friends. Elder Shepherd came down on Friday, so I'm back in a tripanionship.

We taught a few lessons this week about the ten commandments, priesthood and auxiliary organizations, and overcoming challenges. We also had our English class with the advanced group. We were reading articles from a magazine and it was very good. We also played Uno after the lesson.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Week 9 in Békéscsaba


We got the transfer calls this morning from President Szabadkai and I am staying in Békéscsaba with Elder Szuch. Elder Shepherd will be replacing Elder Neumiller who goes to Dunaújváros and is quite happy because he will serving there with his friend, Elder Thomas.

Elder Shepherd is from Utah and is a great guy. He is from the same group as Elder Knight and goes home in December, in just 6 weeks. I am excited about this transfer. I know that it will be good and we will laugh a lot and help the congregation and the people of Békéscsaba.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Week 8 in Békéscsaba


This was a wonderful week with many spiritual experiences, teaching and service opportunities, and even a baptism!

First I want to write about the baptism. Árpi, who was taught by the sister missionaries, was baptized on Saturday. He is 26 years old and a very good guy. After the last transfer we became friends and he asked me to baptize him. It was so wonderful to be dressed in white, and when we sang the hymn “There is Sunshine in My Heart Today," the sunshine was coming through the windows and I truly felt the sunshine in my heart. After the prayer and talk on baptism, we got into the font which is basically a large wooden tub. I said the baptismal prayer and then submerged Árpi into the water. I felt the Spirit so strong! When he came out of the water (we were successful in our first trial) he said, "I am born again!" and "I'm clean." He was so happy! Family members also came to support him and they cried and felt the Spirit. The members were also very happy and they all tried to shake hands with Árpi. I was so happy that day and so grateful that I had the opportunity to do this. I have never performed a baptism before and it was an unforgettable and very special experience. In this mission, baptisms are rare, and even if I end up with only one baptism, these two years were worth it. I will never forget this day: the Holy Spirit, the happiness I felt, and especially the happiness I saw in Árpi and in the others.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Week 7 in Békéscsaba


The big news this week is that President Szabadkai has allowed the use of Facebook for missionary work, so I opened an Elder Gonzalez account. We can use Facebook in very limited circumstances, for example, our Facebook friends can only be local members or investigators.

Canadian Thanksgiving was on Monday. The Howells invited us and we ate American pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. It was very delicious. The atmosphere was very Canadian!

We had a lot of lessons this week with our investigators. With our Italian investigator we talked more about our faith but could not watch the restoration movie because his TV did not work properly. We read from Alma 32 with another investigator and we talked about how we can strengthen our testimony by prayer, scripture reading, and attending church. With a third investigator we held a shorter conversation about prayer and we challenged him to pray every night and read from the Book of Mormon. We also taught a recent convert about family history and temples, and I gave her a temple recommend for which she was very pleased.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Week 6 in Békéscsaba


There was a lot of stuff going on this week, so I'll give you a report.

We went around sharing the lessons we learned from the talks. We held a program and talked about the general conference with a part member family. We met a new investigator while tracting. He is Italian and his wife is Hungarian. He speaks Hungarian very well and has been living here for some time. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and about our church but often he changed the conversation to another topic, like how important is to learn the Latin language. But he is open to listen to our message and he is an interesting guy.

During English class we taught the beginners about time, seasons, months, days of the week, etc. After institute on Friday we went to the Howells' apartment to watch the broadcast of Elder Hales' funeral.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Week 5 in Békéscsaba


We were in Szeged on Tuesday and Wednesday for splits with our zone leaders and for interviews. Elder Szuch and I were with elder Elder Smith and our focus was the plan of salvation. We set our table in downtown with the question "What are your goals for life?" and we tried to talk to people about their short- and long-term goals and got a couple of phone numbers and email addresses. A few days later we did the same in Békéscsaba.

This week we had a lesson about the plan of salvation, and our investigator understood it well, and because he loves the scriptures very much, we left him with scriptures that support this plan. We had another program this week and we talked about the general conference.