Sunday, 25 September 2016

Week 1 in Buda

 Greetings from Budapest!

This has been a busy week at the office working with Elders Orsen and Nordberg. There is a whole lot to do here. I am in charge of "birth and death packets" for missionaries coming to Hungary or going home, and I am also the referral manager, among other things. Elder Olsen taught me how to do everything but there is still a lot to do and learn. Work never runs out here. Elder Nordberg is in charge of all the registration of missionaries to their cities. The good thing about working in the office is that I am able to quickly get to know all the missionaries. And looking at all the mission stats is cool. I use Excel a lot and am doing some basic SQL (database programming language).

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Week 14 in Pécs ... Going to Budapest


This is going to be a quick email, but I am in Buda now in the mission office working as an office elder! President Szabadkai called on Wednesday about it, and it was really surprising. But I am glad that I get to serve in Budapest, and the office will be a lot of fun. In the last few days in Pécs we had some teachings, most of the programs fell through, unfortunately. But our work with less active members is going pretty well. I said my goodbyes on Friday and got on a train to Budapest Saturday morning. I traveled to Budapest by myself,  so for 3 hours I went solo. Since Saturdays are p-days for the secretaries, I got another p-day today which is awesome!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Week 13 in Pécs

Hi everybody,

This week was really fun. While tracting there was this cat that followed us for like 5 minutes and it definitely made tracting way more enjoyable. With an investigator we did a ping pong balls and rice object lesson to talk about church and priorities. During tabling I gave out a Book of Mormon in Turkish  to a university student learning Turkish. A less active member we met on the street took us out to Burger King for lunch and we watched together The Prophet of the Restoration. It was a super great movie. For English class we took the class on a field trip and ate giant crepes (thin version of pancakes). I went on splits with Elder Krueger which was cool since he was my brother's old companion, also here in Pécs. We also started a program with two less active so they quit smoking. We are praying will work.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Week 12 in Pécs

It has been another awesome week of missionary work!

On Monday we went to the zoo in Pécs as a district and the monkeys there were hilarious. The zoo is still under construction. We also got a media referral. They are an awesome family and they are golden! We went on Friday to tract in Mohács (first missionaries there) and after that the father drove us to his home in Kölked. The family is very important to him. They have 2 little girls and are moving soon to Balatonfüred, so the elders from Veszprém will be teaching them the gospel. But that's okay: it matters that they are taught, not who teaches them.

There is also a young guy we are teaching who was a member referral. He's super legit and is reading from the Book of Mormon. (Member missionary work is so important!) He is a pro soccer player too. Now we have 8 investigators and the work keeps getting better.

I gave a priesthood blessing of healing to a néni (older sister) and it was so amazing how the words just came out and felt the spirit in the room. It was a great experience.