Sunday, 27 November 2016

Week 10 in Buda

Hi all,

On our P-day last week we went up to János-hill to the lookout tower there. The view was nice, although the sky was a bit cloudy. Then we took a ski lift to get back. It was a fun day.

On Sunday we went with a member to visit two people in the hospital and give them the sacrament. They were really grateful for it and it was a good service opportunity.

On Tuesday we visited the bishop’s home and that was very good. We talked about the Book of Mormon and challenged them to give away a copy with their testimonies written on it.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Week 9 in Buda

Hello hello!

This week in the office I focused a lot on landlords and apartment issues, translating a letter for one of the senior missionaries, doing the packets for the group of missionaries going home in December, and selecting pictures for the Christmas slide show.

Elder Nordberg goes home in December at the end of this transfer. He will end up serving 25 months in Hungary. I enjoy working also with Elder Römer and the Bagozzis in the office.

We had splits with the zone leaders. Elder Lawrence and I taught an investigator about prayer, and then for English class we taught the people about sports. While tracting, we met this cool French man with whom I exchanged a few French words and we explained to him our purpose as missionaries. Elder Lawrence spoke to him about baptism in a straightforward but natural way.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Week 8 in Buda


There are some big changes in the office. Elder Römer, from Switzerland is now the new office elder replacing Elder Nordberg.  Elder Römer came to Hungary one transfer before I did. He speaks Hungarian very well. Elder Nordberg is staying for about a week and then he finishes off his mission and goes home. The Simkins who are the missionary couple serving in the office are going to Eger for the rest of their mission, so now the Bagozzis (who are Canadians by the way) have come up here to Buda. They have served in Hungary twice before, also in the office.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Week 7 in Buda

Hi all,

This was an interesting week.

On Saturday we watched Meet the Mormons with the ward. The turnout wasn't the best, but it was a really good movie.

On Sunday the speakers for the sacrament meeting were very good. During the second and third hour of meetings I translated for a couple of English-speaking members. In the afternoon we went tracting and took a short hike in the Buda hills. It was mostly just regular forest, but the autumn colours were really nice. We also stumbled onto this cool big meadow/valley. The hike was about 5 km or so, not very long, but it was really fun.