Short video clips

Ski lift adventure

Southern Utah Heritage Choir singing "Nearer My God to Thee" at St. Mattyias Church

"A Missionary Adventure"

Budapest at night

Making palacsintas like a pro

Tracting with Elder Evans

Goodbye Pécs!

Pécs: Apartment Tour

Ice Age ...

Turkish Festival

Prank: Elder Paul called the zone leaders to report numbers: They said: "Paul, you're losing it!"

With Elder Lister, from my MTC group

First missionaries in Mohács

Music on the square


At the zoo


A tracting story and adventure

Hiking in the Mecsek hegység (mountains)

High on the mountain top!

Tracting in the middle of nowhere...

Visit to the Pécs cathedral

Teaching English


Elder Jensen and I riding our bikes in Dunaújváros

Some awesome street musicians


Tracting in the rain in Somogy

From the TV tower

So many things going on this summer in Pécs!

Street parade

At the main square while Hungary was playing against Island

On the small tourist train in Pécs

Leaving the MTC

Provo Temple

A day in the life of a missionary.... (@ the laundry)

Iron Man


Emailing at the MTC on p-day

With my host, Daniel Nyman, former missionary companion of my brother Miguel in Hungary

 In Salt Lake City, Utah

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