Monday, 31 July 2017

Week 15 in Kecskemét

Hi everyone!

This week was full of many interesting things. During tracting we met a Greek couple and then a Belgian lady. Who would have thought that there are Belgians and Greeks here in Kecskemét? We also visited an inactive member who lives in an elderly home. The old ladies there love us very much. They call us “little priests,” haha.

We also went tracting in a weird neighborhood called Felsôcsalános. There were many nice houses but everything looked very disorganized as there were no marked streets, so it was a bit like a maze. Most houses did not have a bell, so we mostly walked around.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Week 14 in Kecsmekét


This week went quickly, but there was not much really happening. On our p-day we went up to the big hill in the park and had a good view. It was quite sunny up there.

During tracking, we met an inactive member family who let us in and was very kind to us. We will probably visit them several times. With a new convert we talked about family home evening. Apart from that, this week was full of tracking.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Week 13 in Kecskemét


We were involved in a great adventure this week. We went back to our apartment on Friday night, but the new neighbour had closed the door to the staircase. The door always stays open and we do not have a key for it. The neighbour wasn't at home and the owner did not have a key. (He doesn't even live in Kecskemét.) So we were locked up. We called President Szabadkai and he told us to go to Szeged to spend the evening there. The train was leaving in 20 minutes, so we ran to the train station and took the train that left at 9:20 p.m.. We arrived in Szeged at 10:20 p.m. The zone leaders were in Békéscsaba in splits, so we had to take a bus to go to the apartment of the other elders there. It was almost 11:00 p.m. when we finally arrived. There was nothing prepared for such an unexpected "split", but luckily they had a large, relatively comfortable apartment. The next day we went back to Kecskemét but we were still locked out, so we went to the chapel. Then the owner called saying that the neighbour would be home at around 1 p.m.  When we finally met him, we made a copy of the key, and were able to get back to our apartment. It was quite a good story.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Week 12 in Kecskemét


On Monday we visited the workplace of Viktor, our ward mission leader. He works with 3D printing and showed us his workshop. He has printed many cool things like a little Eiffel Tower, little birds, chess pieces, figurines, and parts for machines. Take a look at the photos below!

On Tuesday we made hamburgers to celebrate the 4th of July. On Wednesday and Thursday we were in Szeged on splits with the zone leaders. We did a lot of tracting, knocking, and teaching, and we were there for their district meeting. It's a bit strange to have a district meeting that I'm not organizing. (This is the third transfer in a row that I'm a district leader, and even before that I was the district leader in Buda for a month until they kicked me out…just kidding.) After the splits, we missed the train, but that was not a problem as we had a chance to take a look at the downtown and we saw the great Szeged Cathedral and the Tisza river.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Week 11 in Kecskemét

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Our country is 150 years old! Almost as old as Hungary. Just kidding.

This transfer started well and the week went by very fast. First of all, I would like to share a story about the train trip when we travelled to Budapest. We started talking to the lady who was sitting in the booth with us. It turned out that her faith was strong and that she used to meet missionaries in Szeged before. She said that when she sees missionaries on the street, she feels calm and sees a clear light in our eyes. Before she got off the train she gave us her phone number so we gave it to the elders in Szeged. From this experience I learned that there are often unexpectedly good missionary opportunities, and when they come we need to be ready and act!