Sunday, 9 July 2017

Week 11 in Kecskemét

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Our country is 150 years old! Almost as old as Hungary. Just kidding.

This transfer started well and the week went by very fast. First of all, I would like to share a story about the train trip when we travelled to Budapest. We started talking to the lady who was sitting in the booth with us. It turned out that her faith was strong and that she used to meet missionaries in Szeged before. She said that when she sees missionaries on the street, she feels calm and sees a clear light in our eyes. Before she got off the train she gave us her phone number so we gave it to the elders in Szeged. From this experience I learned that there are often unexpectedly good missionary opportunities, and when they come we need to be ready and act!

The first night in this transfer I had an inspiration to look at my patriarchal blessing. It seemed to me that new sentences appeared and the older sentences were new, they were more important to me. I am grateful for these blessings and for the priesthood that enables God to work among men.

At the district meeting we talked about goals and set goals for this exchange. We also have a district motto: "Arise and shine forth!" (D&C 115:5). We will work hard to become the message and give light to others.

We managed to get Elder Allred registered at the office of immigration. We waited for three hours but when it was our turn everything went all right. The entire registration process is quite simple if you follow the instructions but the bureaucracy is very slow.

On July 1st we visited the Csizmadia family. They are investigators and very nice people. The dad is a big BBQ fan and made us BBQ chicken. So we celebrated Canada Day and the 4th of July. He sent an email to dad with photos. Then I ate red and white ice cream in downtown.

Have a nice week,

Elder Gonzalez

The Csizmadia family invited Elder Allred and me for BBQ...

And it was delicious!

My group from the MTC

With Elder Lawrence who is going home. He was in my district in Pécs.

Celebrating Canada Day

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