Monday, 31 July 2017

Week 15 in Kecskemét

Hi everyone!

This week was full of many interesting things. During tracting we met a Greek couple and then a Belgian lady. Who would have thought that there are Belgians and Greeks here in Kecskemét? We also visited an inactive member who lives in an elderly home. The old ladies there love us very much. They call us “little priests,” haha.

We also went tracting in a weird neighborhood called Felsôcsalános. There were many nice houses but everything looked very disorganized as there were no marked streets, so it was a bit like a maze. Most houses did not have a bell, so we mostly walked around.

On Saturday we had a great church activity. There was a joint program here in Kecskemét with members from Szolnok, Szeged, and Békescsaba and a lot of people came. We walked from downtown to the planetarium and followed little planet sculptures at a distance proportional to that in the solar system. I think it was about 3 km long. Then we ate pizza for lunch and played outdoor games like volleyball and soccer. The kids made water balloons and it was a very good activity.

On Sunday afternoon we went to the botanical garden with one of our investigators who likes to take walks there. It was not as nice as the one at home since there were not many flowers, but rather just a "green space.” It was quite nice there although it was very hot as the heat wave is back. There was a 300-year-old Catholic chapel there as well as many sculptures and memorials.

Have a good trip to the East coast!

Elder Gonzalez

With László at the botanical garden
A member from Szeged wearing the same t-shirt as I

A game of chess with Elder Allred
Where is the doorbell of the house?
The Earth inside the Sun
The beautiful synagogue

Kecskemét town hall

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