Sunday, 27 November 2016

Week 10 in Buda

Hi all,

On our P-day last week we went up to János-hill to the lookout tower there. The view was nice, although the sky was a bit cloudy. Then we took a ski lift to get back. It was a fun day.

On Sunday we went with a member to visit two people in the hospital and give them the sacrament. They were really grateful for it and it was a good service opportunity.

On Tuesday we visited the bishop’s home and that was very good. We talked about the Book of Mormon and challenged them to give away a copy with their testimonies written on it.

We taught an investigator on Thursday about prayer, the Book of Mormon, and faith. We were then invited to a delicious meal.

On American Thanksgiving, we had a potluck dinner with mashed potatoes, casserole, pumpkin pie, gravy, and of course, a delicious turkey prepared by the Bagozzis!

We actually got three let-ins this week. The first was an older Russian Hungarian lady. She was nice but not interested at all in the gospel. She did offer to teach us Russian though. The second let-in was more promising, and she was interested in our religion and gave us her phone number, so that we could come back some day. The third one was an old man who just talked to us about Islam compared to Christianity, the Quran and the Bible, and didn’t accept most of Christ’s teaching, including prayer. He also said things like the parable of the sower is not applicable anymore, since everything is done by machines now, so no seeds fall onto the road. There was no point in arguing with him, so we just thanked him for his time and left.

Other than that, I’m making good progress on the 2016 mission slideshow.

Sok szeretettel (With much love),

Elder Gonzalez

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