Saturday, 17 September 2016

Week 14 in Pécs ... Going to Budapest


This is going to be a quick email, but I am in Buda now in the mission office working as an office elder! President Szabadkai called on Wednesday about it, and it was really surprising. But I am glad that I get to serve in Budapest, and the office will be a lot of fun. In the last few days in Pécs we had some teachings, most of the programs fell through, unfortunately. But our work with less active members is going pretty well. I said my goodbyes on Friday and got on a train to Budapest Saturday morning. I traveled to Budapest by myself,  so for 3 hours I went solo. Since Saturdays are p-days for the secretaries, I got another p-day today which is awesome!
Thanks for the emails and recipes.

-Elder Gonzalez

Saying goodbye to great friends
Our English class in Pécs
Couldn't miss making this pose
On splits with Elder Bunker
I will miss Pécs!
Back to school?

Old sign of Marx street

My new companions: Elders Nordberg (left) and Olsen (right). Elder Olsen goes down to Pécs next week.

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