Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Week 13 in Pécs

Hi everybody,

This week was really fun. While tracting there was this cat that followed us for like 5 minutes and it definitely made tracting way more enjoyable. With an investigator we did a ping pong balls and rice object lesson to talk about church and priorities. During tabling I gave out a Book of Mormon in Turkish  to a university student learning Turkish. A less active member we met on the street took us out to Burger King for lunch and we watched together The Prophet of the Restoration. It was a super great movie. For English class we took the class on a field trip and ate giant crepes (thin version of pancakes). I went on splits with Elder Krueger which was cool since he was my brother's old companion, also here in Pécs. We also started a program with two less active so they quit smoking. We are praying will work.

An investigator finally came to church on Sunday!!! I had to babysit his 2 year-old son during sacrament and drawing on a notepad was the key haha. Lots of less active members are starting to come back which is good to see. It's honestly such a nice feeling. In the evening we had bacon over a fire with an investigator and his friends. It was really fun, but we ended up smelling like smoke.

I wish you all a nice week.

Elder Gonzalez the Younger

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