Monday, 5 September 2016

Week 12 in Pécs

It has been another awesome week of missionary work!

On Monday we went to the zoo in Pécs as a district and the monkeys there were hilarious. The zoo is still under construction. We also got a media referral. They are an awesome family and they are golden! We went on Friday to tract in Mohács (first missionaries there) and after that the father drove us to his home in Kölked. The family is very important to him. They have 2 little girls and are moving soon to Balatonfüred, so the elders from Veszprém will be teaching them the gospel. But that's okay: it matters that they are taught, not who teaches them.

There is also a young guy we are teaching who was a member referral. He's super legit and is reading from the Book of Mormon. (Member missionary work is so important!) He is a pro soccer player too. Now we have 8 investigators and the work keeps getting better.

I gave a priesthood blessing of healing to a néni (older sister) and it was so amazing how the words just came out and felt the spirit in the room. It was a great experience.

We met again with Sándor. He was a great boxer: 3 times Hungarian champion (1978-1980) in the 60 kg category with a  record of 54-6-1. He gave once a KO within 10 seconds of the start of the fight.

While tracting we met a really angry guy who wanted to argue with us, but after talking about the sacrifices of missionary work, his heart softened and asked us to forgive him. We left in very nice terms. It is also great that at times I feel the words flowing out of my mouth or ideas coming out of my head. Another time, during personal study, I found a scripture in the Book of Mormon which was just what I was praying for. I am very grateful for the influence of the Holy Ghost.

We also went on splits to Kaposvár. I was with Elder Lister, who came to Hungary with me. Since he is still learning the language, I did most of the talking but we made a plan to involve him in the conversations. We ended up giving away 3 copies of the Book of Mormon. Kaposvár is a nice city with great people and there was even a festival going on.

In the evening there was a cultural program in Pécs for the Freiberg Temple rededication. The Hungarian youth performed a folk dance. It was also very touching when the youth wore missionary name tags and sang "Called to serve". The next day we went to Budapest and watched the rededication. Everything was in German. I met many members who knew Miguel and thought that I was him. They asked why I wasn't home yet or how long I have left in the mission. It was awesome seeing so many faithful saints.

I have been a missionary now for more than 100 days or 3 months and I love being here. I am grateful for all the little miracles and good experiences.

I love you all,

Elder Gonzalez

P.S. You can watch short video clips of Felipe's mission experiences by clicking on the "Short Videos Clips" link right below where the mission address is listed on the home page.

In Kaposvár

With Elder Lister. We arrived in Hungary together.

With Lala, a great family friend from Tatabánya, after the Freiberg Temple rededication broadcast

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