Monday, 29 August 2016

Week 11 in Pécs

Hi everybody,

We didn't have internet access last week, so my last email came through the office elders in Budapest to whom I sent an USB with a text file for dad.

Last Monday we tracted a lot and had a cool experience: we got onto a random bus and I prayed in my head to know which stop to get off. I was prompted to get off at the fourth stop. It was a nice American-looking neighbourhood but it was rainy and dark. We met an elderly gentleman at the last house who said he would like to meet with us again and gave us his phone number.

Another spiritual experience was that Elder Paul told me that its helpful to say a prayer in your head while teaching. I did just that for one of our lessons and new ideas popped into my head which was super cool.
We had zone training this week and I was asked to give the Hungarian language tip. Then we worked with the zone leaders in Dunaújváros.

Tibor, one of the members, came with us to teach and introduced us to his friend, a 22 year-old pro soccer player who is super hardworking. He came to church on Sunday and has a ton of potential. Tibor also drove us to an elderly couple's home where I fixed their computer to speed it up. At another member's home, Elder Paul and I ate hot peppers and our mouths were burning. We also rescued a member who got locked in the branch house, haha. 

The branch in Pécs, along with the branch in Kaposvár, organized a pioneer day and we had an 8 km outing in the Mecsek mountains. We ate Hungarian food, hiked, played soccer and some other games, and there was a fireside too. We had investigators with us and it was a great activity. Everyone really enjoyed it.

We met an awesome gentleman who builds candy wrapping machines in his spare time and has a sweet garden. He gave us some jam and we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and now he is one of our investigators. Super legit guy.

This week we worked hard and the Lord helped us a lot. This is the last transfer for Elder Paul and I am learning a lot from him. He's super cool. And imagine this: I have already met 3 people from Toronto here in Pécs, which is always fun.

Much love,

Elder Gonzalez

With Elder Fitzgerald

Elder Fitzgerald taking the train

My new companion, Elder Paul

Elder Paul and I having ice cream


Stork nest

Lookout in Tettye

Cracking a Hungarian bull whip

Trying an old gas mask for fun on p-day

Candy wrapping machine made by one of our investigators

Original Rubik's cube

A message from former missionaries, including one from my brother Miguel

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