Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Week 10 in Pécs


We had transfer day this week. In the morning Elder Fitzgerald's train left and I spent the morning with Elders Martineau and Krueger. We made palacsinta (Hungarian crepes). After Elder Paul arrived and unpacked, we ate in an awesome gyros place. Elder Paul is a great guy: he's hard-working and it's easy to get along with him. He's an experienced missionary who knows a lot about mission work. I called Dallas, a.k.a Elder Leavitt, in the evening and talked with him a bit. He's doing well.

This week was really successful: we found 2 new investigators (now we have 5 in all). We had 9 programs (one day we had 4 teachings), and we gave out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon. We tracted a lot and on Saturday we tracted for 3 hours straight. This is legit lol.

We started a group text where we send a scripture of the day to our investigators and to members. We're working on the addiction recovery program with a few people too. I'm learning a lot not only from Elder Paul, but from these people too.

August 20 was St. Stephen's Day, a big holiday in Hungary. We had lunch and dinner at less active (LA) members' homes. We had awesome Hungarian food and had a companionship ice cream too. The main square and the streets were packed. On Sunday there was a branch fast for missionary work in Pécs. Lots of LAs are starting to come back to church which is awesome and we're really happy about this. It's interesting how I think of these people during my free time or when I'm in the shower, eating, etc. During the fast it was hard to tract, but it was worth it. Then we ate well. :) Next Saturday the branch is having a pioneer day activity which I'm excited about.

Much love,
González elder

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