Monday, 1 August 2016

Week 7 in Pécs

Hi everybody,

Last P-day we visited this Turkish mosque that got converted into a catholic church and then we visited a synagogue. There you have it: world religions in one day!

On Tuesday we went up to a small town 1/2 hour from Pécs called Komló and taught an inactive member there. Then we ate pizza with our branch president. We also tabled near the main square this week. It was really effective and I talked to a ton of people of a variety of cultures, ages, and religions. We gave our some copies of the Book of Mormon and a few people gave us their phone numbers.

Lots of people we talk to aren't interested in our message. They say no, I'm catholic, or just wave us off. So it's really important to always have a positive mindset. If someone is polite, I don't feel bad about the rejection at all (and if they're not nice, I laugh it off).

Another day we brought some bundles of water and milk into the home of a branch member and I gave her a priesthood blessing of healing. I was nervous (it was my time giving a blessing), but I felt the spirit strong in that room. We then ate watermelon and we shared a spiritual thought from the Liahona magazine on prayer.
Elder Lawrence got transferred to Veszprém and Elder Krueger is back in Pécs from being an office elder. I've also passed the 9 weeks mark. It's weird how that's about how long the regular MTC time is for missionaries coming to Hungary.

We tracted a lot this week and did a ton of lookups. One house was up in the hills near the TV tower. We literally went across forests and meadows to get there. She wasn't home unfortunately, so we left a note.

I really feel that I'm developing a love for the city of Pécs and the people whom I'm serving here. Yesterday while tracting, we taught the restoration to a family, and as I recited Joseph Smith's account of the first vision, everyone paid close attention and the spirit was strong there. I also got to bear my testimony, and although we weren't able to setup a return appointment, it was a very special experience. Oh and forgot to say, but last week I blessed the water in Hungarian. Although it was a different language and I had never done it, the spirit of the sacrament was still there.

Sok szeretettel,


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