Monday, 2 January 2017

Week 3 in Kaposvár

Happy New Year everyone!

New Year's Eve was very good in Kaposvár. A family invited us to have dinner with them. We played a game similar to Pictionary and I was able to come up with a few words in Hungarian that our hosts where surprised I knew. I learned that in Hungary people eat lentils at New Year's Eve to make a lot of money, pork to be lucky, and also they eat many wieners. (Tesco, the local grocery chain, had great discounts on wieners this week). At midnight, there were fireworks in the city.

This week many small miracles happened in Kaposvár. Elder Harris and I started to pray to find new investigators since during our daily planning meetings we had talked about it. We set a goal to find two new ones. The next day we went to visit old investigators. The first one gave us his phone number and told us to come back sometime in the evening. When we came back for a second visit, it was dark and his house was hard to find. We finally found the house but he said that he did not want to meet with us anymore. We decided to knock on a few doors on the street. Soon enough an older couple let us in. We talked a lot with them about the Book of Mormon, the church, and why we left our homes to be here in Hungary. They told us that when we come back they will invite their boys to our next meeting. At the end of the teaching we experienced a wonderful feeling as we managed to find two new investigators!

The next day we got a second let-in, but we felt it wasn't good to go ahead with them. Two days later we visited a person who investigated the church almost ten years ago. He was at home and said he was not interested in our message but his mother let us in and introduced us to her 20-year-old grandson (the son of the old investigator). We started to talk to them about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and bore strong testimonies. After teaching the young man, he asked when we will come back and we agreed on a second appointment, so two more new investigators were found. My companion and I could hardly believe what had happened!

These experiences have given me a testimony that if we ask the Lord for help in this work, He will the help for sure. This is the Lord’s work, not ours. When we ask for God's help in missionary work the Holy Spirit will be with us and will lead us to the people who are prepared for the gospel. If we do not do this, then we are just like those people who go from house to house trying to sell things. I’m grateful that the Holy Spirit is leading us, and we are grateful that God answered our prayers.

That was my weekly spiritual message, be good and enjoy 2017!

With love,

Elder Gonzalez

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