Friday, 20 January 2017

Week 5 in Kaposvár


This week was quite exciting! It finally snowed all day Friday and it did not stop. Fortunately, it was planning day, so we spent much of the time indoors. One day we rode our bikes to a program, so we were like Dad, riding his bike in the winter. Another day we shoveled the sidewalk of a church member. It was the first time that Elder Harris shoveled snow. (He comes from sunny California).

In English class we played Taboo and the advanced class really enjoyed the game. While knocking, Elder Harris and I once followed a friendly cat, and if it went in to a house we knocked there. We called it “cat finding.”
We taught many this week. On Saturday we went to a small town and taught an investigator in English. He is from Texas and used to work in the U.S. military base in Kaposvár. The Petersons helped us a lot.

We got a media referral from and we visited Szigetvár. We taught a man there about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. He works in the Szigetvár castle as a tour guide, so we'll go once on a trip with him. On the way back we stopped with the the Petersons at the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Park where there is a large Miklós Zrínyi and Sultan Suleiman grave and statue. It was awesome!

On Sunday I gave a talk at church about charity and it went very well. I also said the opening prayer, passed the sacrament, and translated for the Petersons.

Have a nice week,

Elder Gonzalez

Magdus with some delicious baking
Welcome to Szigetvár!

At the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Park

Elder Harris and I

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