Sunday, 12 February 2017

Week 8 in Kaposvár


First of all, there won’t be transfers next week but on February 22nd. This transfer is 10 weeks long because the previous one was only eight weeks long due to Christmas.

Last Sunday the brother of one of the less active members told us that he wants to be baptized. We met with and taught him several times this week. His baptismal date is set for February 25th. He is 13-years old and started to come to church on his own. This is going to be very good also for his mother, his older brother, as well as for the branch.
On Tuesday we went to Szigetvár to teach our investigator there. He took us around the city and the castle. The main square is beautiful and there are many statues of Miklós Zrínyi. The castle was pretty cool.  There is a new museum and it is very modern. It was funded in part by the Turkish government. Then we saw the minaret! It was very cool to see it. I finally got to see all the minarets in Hungary! We got in and it was very dark inside as there was no windows or holes anywhere. Then we went around the castle and our investigator, who works as a tour guide there, explained to us a lot about the history of the castle. At the end, the Petersons took us to eat at a pizza place. It was a very nice trip to Szigetvár.

In the advanced English class, the students performed a few improvised plays and fairy tales, and later we played Taboo. It was a good program.

Saturday was “farsang" (carnival) at the main square in Kaposvár. There were all kinds of dancers, singers, people in costume, music, and performances. We ate sausage and also “hurka” (blood sausage) which tasted great. The mayor also spoke. At the end everyone was dancing together. An older lady from our English class took Elder Harris’s hand and so all four of us, missionaries, danced around the fire at the main square. It was a fun day.

Sunday during the fast and testimony meeting the spirit felt very strong. Many people in the congregation went up and expressed their love for their family, their friends, and the Lord. It was touching to see how much unity and love is in this small branch.

I hope you all will have a nice week. Take care! :)

Lots of love,

Elder Gonzalez

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