Sunday, 26 March 2017

Week 14 in Kaposvár

Hi all!

Today we’re going to Hőgyész and Kalaznó so I will be brief with this email.

On Monday we went to Krisna-völgy (Krishna Valley is a 260-acre estate in Hungary dedicated to the Hindu God Krishna where around 200 devotees and monks live), which  is a small village not too far from Kaposvár. Few people were there. Somebody took us around the church and we saw their statues, their paintings, and colourful walls. It was nice to be there and learn more about their religion. The tour guide called us “Mormon brothers” at the beginning.

We missed the bus home, so we had to walk to a nearby town 4 km away, so it was not much. But we took the wrong way and walked on a long dirt road. Finally, we came to a highway and there was a bus stop close. We had to wait 45 minutes for the next bus but managed to return to Kaposvár. It was a nice little adventure.

March 15 was a very big day in Hungary. It is a national holiday remembering the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. There were a lot of celebrations in the main square with poems, songs, speeches, etc., and we saw a bit of everything while talking to people on the street. Everyone wore a rosette and I also bought some.

I’m sorry that my Cuban grandmother passed away. Missionaries often talk with people about the plan of salvation and eternal families. In such moments we need to be strong and believe in the gospel. I know that because of Jesus Christ, death is not the end.

Much love,

Elder Gonzalez

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