Sunday, 12 March 2017

Week 12 in Kaposvár


This week we said goodbye to the Petersons. They took us to a nice restaurant and gave us a lot of things that they couldn’t take home with them. Everybody here was sad that they were leaving. They were a great help to the branch and to the missionaries.

We taught the advanced English class this week. Not too many people came, so we played Uno with them to practice colours and numbers. It was great fun!

We had splits this week and I went with Elder Murphy. We were by a park and we saw a beautiful sunset that was reflected on the lake. I took a couple of photos and saw a man who was also taking pictures. I went to him and talked about photography and about the beauty of the park and nature in general. Then we talked to him about what we were doing here in Hungary. We sat at a table and taught him about the Restoration and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon. It was a great experience. It was wonderful to see how a little talk about nature could turn into a gospel lesson about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday we went to a small town called Kurd to visit and teach a less-active married couple originally from Germany. Instead, they taught us about the plan of salvation and the resurrection.

Lots of love,

Elder Gonzalez

From Dávid's baptism last week. Photos courtesy of Elder Phillips.

These photos are really cool because of all the steam.

Kinda looks like baptisms in the spirit world haha
Goodbye Petersons!
A fine meal with the Petersons
Park pictures


Elder Gonzalez 3.0?

The cat right by our apartment window

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