Monday, 27 June 2016



A week has passed in Pécs. On Monday I gave away my first Book of Mormon and this week we gave away five of them. On Tuesday we went to Budapest for zone conference. It was about how to be like Jesus. For lunch we ate Subway sandwiches like the ones Miguel makes in Toronto, hahaha. By the way, on the way there I found a 2000 forint bill on the street. :) Miguel sent me a list of people he knows in Pécs and
we met Niki and Lili (investigators) on Wednesday. They were nice and even gave us chocolate biscuits. Along the way, I saw a minaret in Pécs. I am not sure if one can go up. We went to the Zsolnay quarter and it was very nice.

Thursday was very hot: 40 degrees Celsius. Aunt Gizi (in Hungary the older ladies are called "nénik" or aunts) invited us for lunch of fruit soup and pizza.
We read to her a talk from the Liahona and she said that next Sunday she will come to church. We also met János, the chorister of the branch. We felt sorry for him because he is quite sick, but still played the drums and read the Book of Mormon with us. We taught English classes and it went well. On Friday, we had a meeting and President Makkai, our branch president, read to all the missionaries the Facebook message Miguel sent him about me hahaha. The people here in Pécs are really very nice.

On Saturday I completed my first month as a missionary. We tracted a lot and street contacted. We gave a Book of Mormon to a Muslim woman and it was a very cool experience. I told her that we will give her a Book of Mormon and she can give us a Koran, but she had only one Koran, so I gave her a book anyways. We also spoke about how Christians, Muslims and other religions teach peace and that we are all children of God in this world. Anna had us over for dinner and prepared delicious cottage cheese dumplings. At night Pécs is lit up and it is very beautiful. In the evening there was lightning and rain.

The Euro 2016 soccer tournament is a very big thing here in Hungary. Many in the congregation were talking about if it was correct to watch the match
on SundayPresident Makkai talked about the sabbath during the sacrament meeting. We taught during the second hour. One of Elder Fitzgerald's friends, an older member called János from Kaposvár, came and brought us lunch. We ate schnitzel, potatoes, chicken, rice, and fánk (Hungarian donuts). P-Day is today and we went shopping for groceries and I got a haircut.

I've had a lot of Hungarian food, but please send me more recipes!

Lots of love,Felipe

Eating ice cream ...
... and more ice cream
With my companion, Elder Fitzgerald

A selfie on the street while tracting
In front of the Hungarian National Theater

Giving some thought ...
Pécs at night is so beautiful!
At the Zsolnay quarter
Also in the Zsolnay quarter
The mosque of Jakováli Hasszán pasa
A healthy breakfast
... and more good food
Hotdog night

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