Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Week 9 in Kecskemét


We had a very good week with many good programs, and of course I celebrated my birthday. So here I congratulate myself for turning 20!

On Wednesday the zone leaders came for a split. I was with Elder Hughes. First we had our district meeting and we made many role-playing games where missionaries had to find the concern of the investigator and solve it in two minutes. After that we baked cookies in the apartment and took them to our investigators and less-active members. In the evening, the four of us elders went to have ice cream in downtown because it was my first year anniversary in the country that day and Elder Knight and Elder Hughes had completed a year and a half in the mission.

Friday was a big day: my birthday! I made chicken wings for lunch and it was a success. One of the zone leaders brought me root beer from Szeged when he was here. (There is a grocery store near their chapel there where root beer is sold.) We also had cake once we got home at the end of the day. There was no candle in the apartment so in Cuban style we used a match instead! I opened the package my family sent me. Thank you very much for the many beautiful gifts and birthday greetings! I had a great birthday.

On Saturday we went on a bicycle tour with members of the priesthood. There were only five of us but it was a very good program. We rode our bikes for about 10 km to a park. There we made fire and baked bacon and sausage, and then we had a spiritual message. We played with the Aerobie that I got. It was a great success and everyone loved how far it can fly.

On Sunday there was a concert where church members and missionaries sang, played violin, cello, and other instruments. It was great and the music was good.

Take care,

Elder Gonzalez

One year in Hungary

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