Monday, 24 April 2017

Week 1 in Kecskemét

Hello everyone!

Well, I have successfully arrived in Kecskemét! We left Kaposvár on Wednesday morning. As we were travelling to Budapest, it began to snow. Fortunately, I had my winter coat in my suitcase so I put it on. The next day it snowed again. Who would have thought that there would be snow in Hungary on April 20? Poor greenies! They certainly thought that this country is just like Norway.

Kecskemét is bigger than Kaposvár and quite beautiful. Our apartment is very modern and it even has air conditioning, so it will be good in the summer when it gets hot. The chapel is very big and beautiful. The ward here is large and strong with many returned missionaries, families, and youth. Elder Knight is a great guy. He loves to exercise, so we work out hard every morning.

This week we had a program where we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the dedication of Hungary for missionary work.  There was a slideshow that showed the development of the ward in Kecskemét. Many people came and we had a good program. The members are also nice here and I think this will be a very good transfer.

On Sunday all four of us, missionaries, talked in church. After the introduction I spoke of the Liahona from 1 Nephi 16 and the lessons behind it.

Try to be good!

Elder Gonzalez

Goodbye Kaposvár!

Snow in April

Hello Kecskemét!

Our chapel

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