Friday, 23 December 2016

Week 1 in Kaposvár

Hello everyone!

First of all, it is official: I am serving now in Kaposvár with a new partner: Elder Harris (California). This is his second transfer, so I will help finish his training.It was a very busy week with lots of interesting things happening. 

On Tuesday we took the newly arrived missionaries out streeting with us and that is always fun. This group seems excited and I am sure that they will do well. One of them was Elder Saito, from Brazil, who was an exchange student in Budapest a year ago. He said that Miguel was the first missionary whom he saw in Hungary. He also read from my blog!

Wednesday to Friday was really busy with the transfers going on and training the new office elder, Elder Stephens.

On Thursday a Hungarian TV crew came to our English class which was pretty cool.
On Friday I went to Kaposvár and talked on the train to an older lady who said that she was Catholic but felt very impressed that we are so young and already serving missions for our church. When I arrived at the Kaposvár railway station, the other three elders were not there yet. I waited a bit and then I borrowed a cellphone from a lady and called them. They soon arrived. 

A lot happened in Kaposvár: I unpacked and got to know Elder Harris a bit. Later at church, there was a branch service activity where we wrapped food packages for struggling families and that was good. The congregation is small but everyone is very nice and I quickly learned everyone’s name. There were 15 church members at church on Sunday and we had two hours of service.

Elder Harris took me around the city and it is very nice little place. There is a Christmas market with Christmas trees and lots of light. I am very lucky that I got here, especially since it is almost Christmas. The people are very nice. One evening there was a festival with a children’s choir and a folk group playing music, singing, and dancing. 

The other two elders in Kaposvár, Elder McKim (Australia) and Elder Thomsen (Georgia), came to our apartment on Sunday evening because there was no heating in theirs. This morning (Monday) we watched the First Presidency’s Christmas devotional but we were all tired and we slept during two of the talks.

I am excited to Skype on Sunday and it is great being back in the mission field!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Lots of love,

Elder Gonzalez

With the Bagozzis at the mission's office

Our ESL class for beginners

In a quad for a day

With Elder Nordberg
With Attila, the ward mission leader in the Buda ward

In front of the City Hall of Kaposvár

With my new companion, Elder Harris

The Cathedral of Kaposvár

During our service project

With Elders McKim and Thomsen

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