Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Week 4 in Pécs


This week went well and I will tell you some of the adventures that happened to us.

We knocked on a very old apartment and there were still Russian letters on the door! We talked through the door to a very old man who called us in for a moment to show his Bibles. We gave him a Book of Mormon for his collection. Outside, we talked to a group of older ladies and one said she had seen me there before. So I knew that she had definitely met Miguel! We found out that Miguel had given her a Book of Mormon when he served here about a year ago.

One day I decided that we should randomly take a bus and so we ended up in a small village near Pécs that is called Somogy. It is a very nice place, very rural and charming. A lot of dog barked at us, but we managed to talk to a lot of people.

Elder Fitzgerald and I cooked roast chicken with potatoes. We also made Hungarian crêpes (palacsinta). Many people invited us for lunch or dinner. One day we had four programs. :) The freezer in our apartment needed to be defrosted, so we melted the ice with a hairdryer.

There were splits this week and I was with Elder Lawrence. It was a very good experience and I learned a lot from him. We gave away 3 copies of the Book of Mormon that day and a total of eight during the week. An old man let us in, gave us water, and we talked to him about the church, gave him a Book of Mormon, and prayed together. A lot of times he said that he has a lot of respect for the Mormons and their way of life. Today, for p-day, we visited a cave (tettyei mésztufa-barlang) and it was great.

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Enjoying a good meal

Tracting in the rain

He's back! (It's not Miguel, it's me!)

American corner...

... much better!

Cooked by us
With (former) Elder Cathcart and Elder Lawrence

Defrosting the freezer...

Inside the cave on p-day

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